I popped into my friend’s apartment for a quick visit this morning. I really craved a berry smoothie after my run around Central Park. And since Linda, my Jamba Juice buddy, lives close to the Time Warner Center, we could just go there and catch up while sipping our Kiwi Berry Burners.

Linda didn’t want to go. In fact, she didn’t even buzz me into her apartment. She claimed that she was sick and just didn’t want to get me sick too. Being my oblivious stupid self, though, I just ignored her protestations and insisted on getting her a Jamba Juice.

She stunned me when she finally let me in. A big fat shiner had started forming around the perimeter of her eye. The combination of her runny eye makeup and the bruise made her face look like one of those grotesque masks you put on for Halloween. long island escorts.

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