Full Body Sensual Massage

Few things are as erotic or intimate as a full body sensual massage. It can turn your simple date in into a luxurious experience. A sensual massage is relaxing and the perfect way for you to spoil yourself in Long Island – or rather allow someone else to spoil you.

While the erotic massage is the feature, more goes into the sensual massage than just the big O. The body is a temple full of erogenous zones that both arouse and relax you. Knowing how to attend to the full body will help you get the most out of your body massage.

Setting the Mood

The mood is the most important part of a massage, next to the act itself. You want your surroundings to generate a mood. By seeing to only a few details, you can create a relaxing atmosphere that will heighten your experience. Depending on the setting for your sensual massage, you may not be able to control colors in the room or furniture style. However, you have two things you can control that will create the perfect atmosphere: lighting and scents.

Lighting should be dim enough that your eyes are able to relax but just bright enough to see your body clearly and manage accouterments like massage oils easily. While candles are ideal for creating ambiance, lamp coverings work as well. Placing a thin, semi-transparent material over a lamp shade will dim the room while the color choice will help enhance your mood.

Scents should not be overly heavy and in a form that is easy to transport and safe to use. A massage oil that features the scent is one option. A volatile oil that can be set on a dish next to the bed is another. Ideal scents for a body massage will be erotic and seductive. Depending on your particular taste in scents, you can choose a sexy, floral scent such as Jasmine. Alternatively, the rich and distinctive scent of Sandalwood is relaxing a meditative. Both scents also have an aphrodisiac quality that makes them ideal for sensual massage.

Setting the Mood

A full body massage that focuses on the erogenous zones will serve as the perfect lead in to an erotic massage. The massage begins in with the head, works down the neck and shoulders, and pushes initial tension out through the arms and fingertips. It then continues down the body to the genital region for the erotic massage. A leg and foot massage finishes the session providing you with a relaxing experience.

When giving a full body sensual massage, he should be on his back and nude. As you work along his body, use fingertip touches on the face and necks. For arms and body, use full fingers and hand at massage points and transition from one part of the body to the next by dragging your fingertips. If using massage oils, apply a modest amount to your fingertips as you segue from one section to the next.

The Guided Full Body Sensual Massage

  1. With the man lying on his back, start with your hands behind his head, where the base of his skull meets the neck. Small hollow areas here will be the focal points. Apply gentle but firm pressure and slowly massage. This helps to increase circulation.
  2. Work your hands around to the temples and the center of the forehead. With a circular motion, gently massage the center of the forehead for about 60 seconds, then slowly bring your fingers to the temples, massaging with a circular motion for about 30 seconds.
  3. Slowly come down the line of the jawbone to the neck. Bring your fingertips down each side of the neck to the shoulder well and massage firmly for about a minute.
  4. Slide your fingers over the collarbone to the breastbone, still using your fingertips here. You should find a dimple on the collarbone. Gentle pressure here will release chest tension.
  5. From the breastbone, fan out your hands and glide up to the shoulders and down the arms. Gently rub along the crook of the elbow to pull out additional tension and slide down the arm. Working from the wrist, slide your fingers firmly along each long bone of the hand to its adjoining finger and massage the finger down to the fingertip. Work from thumb to pinky on each hand.
  6. Trace your fingertips up his arms and across his chest, circling his nipples three times and coming together just under his ribcage. Bring your hands down to his belly button and gently massage around it, fanning out slowly, using more of your hand in the massage as you broaden your stroke. Continue until you come to the point where his thigh and pelvis meet.

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