The Erotic Massage

Our girls in Long Island may provide you with a sensual massage, followed by an erotic massage. Few things are as intimate as our erotic massages in Long Island. It can turn even a simple date into something luxurious.

The erotic massage is the more sexual part of a full body massage. For this a girl uses a fingertip touch that is firm but not hard. During this portion of the massage, he will likely want to orgasm. You can delay this by varying the length and speed of strokes and pausing when you feel his arousal begin to peak. You want to delay his orgasm ideally until the end of the erotic massage. It is not unusual for him to grow limp and hard again throughout the massage. This will help him to last longer and is how his body responds to the massage.

The Guided Erotic Massage

  1. Begin by rubbing lubricant (a simple water-based lubricant is ideal. Massage oil should only be used if it is safe for genitals) onto the penis and testicles and then massage the testicles and scrotum with a gentle touch.
  2. Bring your hands to the pubic region above his penis and massage with firm fingertip touches then comes down around the scrotum to the perineum, the area between the anus and testicles. Feel for a small indent, which is the prostate region of the perineum. Massage this area gently for only about a minute or so.
  3. Slide your fingertips up over the testicles to the shaft. Squeeze the base of his shaft with one hand, bringing it up and sliding off him. Switch hands and repeat. Then, beginning at the head, slide your hand down, slowly tightening until you reach the base of the shaft. Repeat this pattern several times, alternating speed and pressure and pausing if he becomes too aroused.
  4. Release pressure on his shaft and slide your fingertips up to the head. Using your full fingers, massage the head and top of the shaft with gentle but firm twisting motions.
  5. Slide your fingers down the shaft and over the testicles again until you come to the perineum. Feel for the small indent again and move your fingers back and forth over it. It should begin to soften. If he has not already done so, this is a good place to help him achieve orgasm. Massage the area with one hand while gently holding and stroking his shaft with the other.

Finishing the Sensual Massage

Once he has had his orgasm, it is important to help him come down in a relaxing and sensual way. This will give him a rounded experience with the massage. In addition, the foot massage that follows will help to prolong the euphoric feeling that follows an orgasm.

The Guided Massage

  1. Bring your hands to his inner thighs and stroke with a firm grasp down to his knees.
  2. At the inner knee, massage gently just as you did along the crook of the elbow.
  3. Slide your hands down his calf muscle to the Achilles tendon and ankle. Massage this area with gentle fingertip touches and bring your hands to his heel, now using both hands for each foot.
  4. Working from the heel, massage his foot working from the center outward to the side. Your thumb should press into the sole of his foot while your fingers cradle him. If he has high arches, spend a little more time working your thumbs along the arch. End at the ball of his foot.
  5. Slide your fingers over the ball of the foot to the area between the big and next toe. Squeeze your finger between the toes and out to the tip of the toes. Work each this way until you reach the little toe.

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