When you are walking the busiest streets of Long Island in the Downtown and Strip areas, you will find it impossible to walk even one block without being handed two or three strip club flyers. Strip clubs, gentleman’s clubs, booby bars, whatever you want to call them, are everywhere in Las Vegas. Vegas is the city of casinos, but there are way more strip joints in Vegas than there are casinos. There are over twenty of these clubs on the strip alone.

Some of the most popular places to find Long Island Strippers are the Palomino Club, Bada Bing!, and the Olympic Garden Cabaret. At these establishments, like at all the others in NY, gentlemen pay handsomely to watch women of all races and ethnicities remove their clothes. Most clubs feature a wide assortment of brunettes, blondes, and redheaded dancers from throughout the globe. This includes women from every continent including Africa, Australia, Asia, Europe, Antarctica, and the Americas.

Long Island Escorts

Vegas Strippers Using This as a Cover

Normally, in strip clubs, men pay women for a dance and then leave after enjoying the views from the stage and the private dances in their seats and in the VIP rooms. In Las Vegas, things happen differently. In the city where “whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” not everything ends so quickly; the Las Vegas Strippers use their jobs as cover for their work as Long Island Escorts.

For a lot extra, you can have Long Island Strippers doing double duty as Long Island Escorts in your hotel room for you alone, for a group, or even a rowdy bachelor party. If you can imagine it and pay for it, then you can get it from these Long Island Escorts who don’t seem to quite care that prostitution in NY’ resident county, is 100 percent, “lock you in a cell” illegal! The chances of you getting put behind bars is almost non-existent (unless you’re being forceful, then watch out)
You have another option. Especially in this down economy, the women of long island are working 2-3 part times jobs to make ends meet. Many though, are utilizing unique arrangements to make things easier for them. In Vegas, you can enjoy the company of a sexy intelligent, young woman without any negative consequences in a mutually beneficial relationship that never has to end. Long Island is where all the action really is in NY.